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Frozen, snow & ice sculpture festival Brugge 2013-2014

Artists from around the world created a fairytale world in snow and ice, full of emotions and adventure. This exceptional exhibition was based on Disney’s newest animated film ‘Frozen’.

The theme is set in the kingdom Arendelle, trapped in an eternal winter. When Anna is cursed by her evil sister, the cold-blooded Snow Queen Elsa, Anna’s only hope is a long journey through the frozen kingdom. In a race against the clock along with the sturdy mountaineer Kristoff, his reindeer Sven and the hilarious snowman Olaf, she battles the elements to melt her frozen heart. On their adventure to save the kingdom, they brave extreme temperatures, meet strange creatures and watch for evil magic .

Visitors were enchanted by the art of snow and ice and enjoyed a breathtaking journey into an icy world of fantasy and magic. They needed hat and gloves because the temperature inside the Ice Palace was continuously minus six degrees Celsius.

(source: icesculpture.be)

(Camera used, Nikon D90)